Ambient Air Passive Sampler for NO-NO2   NOX   SO2   O3   NH3

1 The Ogawa Sampler is ideal for low-cost air monitoring programs, personal, outdoors and indoors. The only known method of passive simultaneous monitoring of NO & NO2. The Ogawa Sampler is reusable countless times. Only the pre-coated collection pad is expendable. The same sampler is used for all above shown gases. CLICK HERE TO VIEW the Quick Overview of the Passive Sampler

  1. End Cap
  2. Stainless Steel Screen
  3. Pre-Coated Collection Pad
  4. Retainer Ring
  5. Inner Base Pad
  6. Sampler Body
CLICK HERE TO VIEW the Assembly Diagram of the Passive Sampler
CLICK HERE to view charts that represent data collected by U.S. E.P.A. during a program called “The Passive Ozone Network in Dallas” (POND Concept). It was a modeling opportunity with Community Involvement. The graphs are presented here to show the correlation between the Ogawa Passive Sampler and Real-Time monitors collocated at the sites indicated.  A comprehensive paper, explaining in detail this program, was presented at the 31st Annual Air Pollution Workshop, Corvallis, Oregon on April 26-29, 1999.


           5         6                                 8 9
 Outdoor installation, without weather shelter cover.  Weather shelter support clip on outdoor pole. Small shelter conveniently slips over the sampler support bracket.  CLICK HERE for enlarged image  The Ogawa Passive Sampler (PS-100) now comes complete with the new and improved screw-top, air-tight vial (PS-155 when ordered seperately). The original press-fit orange vial is still available upon special request.





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