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Outdoor/Indoor/Personal Ozone
Exposures of Children
in Nashville, Tennessee
Comparison between Passive Air
Samplers & Continuous Monitors
in El Paso, Texas

Presentation for Washington D.C. U.S. E.P.A. Report


Resources for more Technical Papers regarding
the Ogawa Passive Sampler

Distribution of ozone and other air pollutants in forests of Carpathian Mountains in Central Europe.
Environmental Pollution 116 (2002) 3-25

Summer-time distribution of air pollutants in Sequoia National Park, California.
Environmental Pollution 118 (2002) 187-203

Ambient Tropospheric Ozone in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains and Kiev Region: Detection with Passive Samplers and Bionindicator Plants.
Environmental Pollution, Vol 98, N0 3, pp 299-304 1997

Validation of Ogawa Passive Sampler for the Determination of Gaseous Ammonia Concentrations of Agricultural Settings. Atmospheric Environment 37: 2317-2325

Environmental Science & Technology: Evaluation of the Harvard Ozone Passive Sampler on Human Subjects Indoors.
Vol. 28, 1994

Environmental Science & Technology: Passive Ozone Network of Dallas: An E.P.A. Modeling Opportunity with the Community Involvement.
2 Vol 35. No. 22, 2001

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